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GEISMAR JLP-75 Lightweight Horizontal Bender

OverviewManual     Light and easy operation to rectify or accentuate curve on flat bottom rails & switch blades     Mechanically welded frame and hooks made in high strength aluminium     Double acting ram     Maximum force: 750 kN     Double flow manual pump     Weight: Carried by 2 persons (45 kg + accessories 25 kg) [...]
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GEISMAR JB-JC Horizontal Rail Benders

Overview     Maximum force: 400 or 600 kN     Double flow manual pump     The 2 rams feature 110 mm stroke to bend rails down to 6 m radius     2 models - mecanowelded frame with pushing and reaction blocks for rails up to 70 kg/m:         JB40: for rails up to 50 kg/m         [...]
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GEISMAR JA Vertical Rail Joint Bender

OverviewData     Mecanowelded frame with reaction blocks and retractable rail rollers     Vertical ram with rail base clamp for straightening both welded and fishplated joints     Double flow manual pump     Maximum force: 400 or 1,000 kN     Gauge-controlled stroke     2 models: JA40: for rails up to 46 kg/m JA100: for rails up to [...]
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