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GEISMAR ATR Rail Pullers

OverviewDatasheet Double acting hydraulic ram clamps on the fixed rail 1.5 to 3 m long cable (rigid rod on ATR20) clamps onto loose LWR 3 models break down into components portable by 2 men: ATR 6: 6 t for up to 120 m long LWR can be powered from the MPR rail threader ATR 12: [...]
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GEISMAR MPR Rail Threader

OverviewDatasheet Self-propelled hydraulically driven unit for laying and removing long welded rail with one operator 800 m per hour output 914 to 3,330 mm working gauge Handles rail from 37 to 70 kg/m Up to 500 mm lift, 4.5 t capacity, supports for all types of sleeper Fast off-tracking set available Third ram available for [...]
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GEISMAR ARR531 Compact Hydraulic Gauge Adjuster

Overview Compact design with carrying handles for ease of handling Rollers and pushing handles allow the unit to be moved along the track Pulling cylinder and 700 bar manual pump Adjustable thrust for accurate gauge setting Weight: 25kg Brochure GEISMAR ARR531 Compact Hydraulic Gauge Adjuster
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