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GEISMAR PTXL Portable Sleeper Drill

OverviewDatasheet Easy to use, efficient operation and safe Drills up to Ø 25 mm, drilling depth is adjustable up to 200 mm Pneumatic assistance and drilling guide ensure easy and accurate drilling Portable and ergonomical Safety features: Instant release and protection of the drill bit locking Automatic petrol engine rotation stop, in the event of [...]
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GEISMAR PT8 Heavy Duty Sleeper Drill

OverviewDatasheet Sturdy and powerful for heavy duty use Drills up to Ø 33 mm in the hardest woods, drills vertically or at rail cant angle (1/20 or 1/40) Up to 200 mm adjustable drilling depth Drilling guide provides precision and protection 4-wheel traversing trolley Options: extra head for conical drilling, inclination device ± 20° Weight: [...]
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