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Geismar VPS Handheld Tamper

OverviewManualTechnical Specification The Portable Self-Contained Ballast Vibration Tamping Machine model VPS is designed to perform occasional ballast tamping under all type of railway sleepers (wooden, concrete or steel). By its design the machine provides exceptional lightness (the lightest available on the market), autonomy and ergonomics. It is a railway dedicated machine. By its unique design, the Portable Self-Contained [...]
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Cobra Petrol Powered Tamper

OverviewDatasheet Features & benefits Available in TT or PRO models Easy to transport Quick set-up time HAPS™ Hand and Arm Protection System Low emissions Low noise Applications In addition to tie tamping, the Cobra™ TT or PRO can be used for all kinds of maintenance work on tracks, crossings, access roads and railway stations: Spiking [...]
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GEISMAR VBZ Portable Self-Powered Vibrating Ballast Tamping Machine

OverviewDatasheet The only self-contained tamping machine, portable and self-powered, with incorporated 2-stroke engine for precise, efficient and quality tamping with minimum ballast deformation Multidirectional constant vibration ballast tamping for better consolidation (as with our whole range of tamping equipment) under any kind of sleeper (wooden, concrete, steel) Exclusive vibration dampening system to protect the operator [...]
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