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spare parts rack

Spare Parts

KSR has a huge stock of Geismar Spare Parts which allows us to supply customer needs quickly and efficiently with next day Air Bag Service to most places in Australia.

KSR also keeps a substantial stock of spare parts for a wide variety of Rail Maintenance Equipment……just ask us….you will be pleasantly surprised at our knowledge of Rail Spares……we are your one stop shop for spares.



Geismar grindstones for the following machines:

  • MP12/MP23 – Rail Profile Grinder
  • MC3 – Points and Crossings Grinder
  • MS9 – Rail Web Grinder
  • PHG2 – Cutting and Grinding Discs
  • MP6 – Rail Grinder
  • DK3 – Descaler
  • MV3 – Grinder
geismar saw

Saw Blades

  • Geismar and Husqvarna Rail Saws
  • 14in (350mm) and 16in (400mm) x 25.4mm
  • PHG2 Portable Grinder

Drill Bits

  • Rotabroach Cutters for Rail Drills
  • Carbide Cutters for Rail Drills
  • Single and Double Flute Drill Bits for Sleeper Drills

Weld Shear Blades

  • All Geismar Weld Shears
  • 47, 53, 60, 68kg Rail Sizes
  • Crane Rail Blades – various sizes

BTI Tamping Tynes

Carbide Tipped Mega Tamping Tynes

Available for all brands of Tamping Machines – click here for more info…

robin diesel


We can supply rail ready motors for all equipment

  • Bernard 4 stroke petrol – MP12 Rail Grinder
  • Yanmar Diesel – MP12 Rail Grinder
  • Electric Motor – MP12 Rail Grinder

We can supply  Yanmar Diesels ready for retrofit to existing rail grinders.

Kits come complete with modified motor, adapter plates, brackets, and all nuts and bolts required to fit to your old petrol powered rail grinder.