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KSR has the latest  Calibration Table for calibration of Geismar Track Gauges and Geismar Amber Track Geometry Trolleys in ALL gauges……..(1067mm, 1435mm and 1600mm all catered for)

Thornton NSW : Track gauge and Amber calibrations

Kenwick WA : Track gauge calibrations



KSR can repair all Geismar Track Gauges and Amber Trolleys – We keep a comprehensive stock fo parts and can get your Track Gauges repaired and calibrated quickly……allowing you more time to use your equipment and less down time.



KSR can supply your customised Equipment needs as we have the Engineering Expertise to supply a wide range of projects from small jobs such as Lightweight Certified Rail Trolleys through to Large jobs such as design and manufacture of a Custom Rail Train….. all possible with KSR excelling in Custom Designs for  the Rail Industry. We are RAIL specialists…100%….not just doing Rail as a sideline to other business.

geismar equipment


KSR is able to offer Specialised Rail Maintenance Equipment for leasing in the short term through to long term leasing and eventual purchase if required……. get the most from your Company’s cash flow by exploring KSR Leasing opportunities NOW….just ring or email one of our Sales Team for more information.