GEISMAR MIW 2 – MIW 3 Impact Gun/Wrench

  • This Impact Wrench is the most powerful machine available on the market for spot maintenance on vertical and horizontal fastenings
  • The Stihl 2-stroke engine features diaphragm carburetor, electronic ignition and centrifugal clutch
  • Torque available up to 2600 N.m
  • Ergonomic control for fastening/unfastening operations
  • Torque adjustment control available on option
  • Excellent oil bath lubrication with magnetic filter reducing heat and noise
  • Standard square inch drive
  • 3 handles for better working conditions
  • MIW 3 Impact Wrench can be mounted on dedicated 4-wheel foldable trolley to facilitate work on horizontal or vertical positions
  • Generic term in Australia Rattle Gun.
  • Weight: easy carried by 1 person
  • Power source:
    • Petrol 2-stroke
    • Electric
    • Hydraulic

GEISMAR MIW 2 Impact Wrench/Gun


GEISMAR MIW 3 Impact Wrench Gun


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