GEISMAR RCA (RCA-T) Combination Points and Crossings Track Gauge

RCA_01_620px Feature
  • Sturdy and lightweight track tool for quick and accurate reading of track gauge, track cant, grooves, guide rail dimensions from check rail to crossing and from check rail to check rail on graduated rules protected by Plexiglas
  • Made of yellow anodised aluminium channel section protecting all vulnerable parts
  • Fixed support insulated telescopic support and groove measurement cursor of shockproof cast aluminium
  • Available for every track gauge as from 1 000 mm
  • The gauge can be optionally equipped with a dismantling system for separating the device into 2 parts using a pin and an isolating bar. If this option is selected, the gauge is called an RCA-T gauge.
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Aluminum Travel Case


RCA Combination Points and Crossings Track Gauge