GEISMAR Portable Electronic Straightness Measurer

  • Digitally recording and sensorless measuring portable gauge to test without contact: rail straightness welds planarity, corrugation, profiles of rails ends
  • Simple user-friendly, and ergonomic
  • Traces display on swivelling LCD screen
  • 1 m base measurement using non-contact transducers, correlations and overlap are possible
  • Local storage of 500 measures
  • Data transfer on PC via USB/serial link
  • Magnetic supports suit rail running surface, gauge face and corner
  • Very accurate: ± 0.05 mm
  • Just 7.5 kg in working order
  • Environmental IP65
  • Cells or mains supply
  • Data process software RECTIPC Windows enabling data working on a PC

GEISMAR Rectirail Portable Electronic Straightness Measurer