Rosehill Rail have been producing rail-crossing panels under the HOLDFAST name for over 20 years. Now the company markets its quality rail products under ROSEHILL RAIL.  The company produces two main types of crossing panels, namely the RODDED PANEL SYSTEM and the BASEPLATED CROSSING SYSTEM. Both systems are designed and manufactured to fit each bespoke crossing permutation of gauge, rail, sleeper and fastener type on sleepers at 600mm centers.

The key features of each system are:


  • Each individual panel is manufactured over length, and by means of steel rods moulded within the panels, is compressed down to 1.8 meters long, and held under compression during its lifespan.
  • The rods ensure dimensional stability of the panels in all conditions, and overcomes compressive set, which can occur from concentrated and often high speed traffic, particularly at crossings installed at a very acute angle.
  • The panels are connected by bolts, and individual panels can be easily removed without removing the complete crossing.
  • Rodded crossing panels can be manufactured to suit wide, standard or narrow gauge. This system can be used in any situation, however, it is particularly useful for very long crossings or those installed at an acute angle to the road.


  • The Base-plated Crossing System has unique advantages over other more rigid systems,

which are often unable to be adapted to bespoke site specific requirements.

  • Panels can be cut to fit around fish plates, check rails (single and double) and turnouts.
  • Base-plated panels can be manufactured to suit tight curves, which is especially useful for tramway and light rail applications.
  • The Base-plated System allows for very fast installation, is ideal for average sized crossings and is available in various grades to accommodate Track Access, Occupational, Agricultural and Pedestrian applications.

Key Source Rail, in conjunction with our preferred installation contractor, have recently supplied and installed a RODDED PANEL SYSTEM in Albany, Western Australia as per the photos below.


To discuss your rail crossing requirements, please contact:

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Ross Kiesey – WA (08) 92378500 –  0417 220851 –

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